How do you Calculate ROI?

It can sometimes be relatively easy to determine the ROI of some investments, but seemingly impossible to do so with others. Unfortunately, in our zeal to achieve, we often make it more difficult to isolate the effects of a particular aspect. So what’s needed, in order to properly measure the ROI of an investment?

Identifying costs

Even slight differences in cost can give a very inaccurate picture of the return on an investment. For small investments, the damage may not be significant, for when considering large investments, particularly of an ongoing nature, it’s not hard to imagine potential differences of tens of thousands of dollars or more.

This makes it imperative to ensure that all costs are considered and that they’re accurate. It’s very easy to miss costs that we don’t see as directly related. For example: [Read more…]

The Wind of Change & Merry Christmas

Updated December 18, 2014

Doc Sheldon

Merry Christmas 2014

We’re coming up on the end of another year! Is it just me that feels like they go by a lot quicker with every birthday? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

In fact, the changes we’re seeing here are pretty exciting for us! Our content strategy division has already begun an aggressive growth program, and we have plenty more up on the board for 2015. I can’t wait for the kickoff!

If you’ve visited our Top Shelf site lately, you already know that we’ve added a full-time Project Manager and a Chief Editor (welcome, Kristi and Sue) and are expanding our cadre of highly specialized copywriters. We’re at two dozen now and looking for a few more.

And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill copywriters, either. We’ve got teachers, builders, accountants… folks with bachelor’s degrees, doctorates and plenty of formal journalism experience. We’re being very picky, but the quality they crank out is nothing short of awesome.

So, keep an eye out… we’ll be unleashing some serious awesomeness, with a little help from our equally awesome friends… we’ll share some details on that with you when we launch it.

In the meantime, to my many friends, acquaintances, clients and colleagues… our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a phenomenal New Year!


Trying to Give Back to Dana – But She Keeps on Giving

Updated November 20, 2013

Doc Sheldon

DanaLast week, a very sweet lady who has earned the respect, friendship and love of many people in the SEO community, suffered a terrible bicycle accident while riding with a group. An errant stick in her path caused Dana Lookadoo to veer off the path into a ditch, resulting in multiple fractures, the most severe being several vertebrae.

My Dad taught me that everything that happens can have positive effects, no matter how dark the situation may seem. Sometimes you just have to look really hard to find them. Years ago, I got into the habit of looking for those little “silver linings”. It can point out opportunities to improve a situation, or just help balance out some of the negatives.

Dana has already endured a lot of pain and discomfort… probably some fear, as well. Now that her physical therapy has begun, she’ll be facing more. Fortunately, she’s one of those rare, dynamic individuals that just fight harder when things get tough. Her progress already, just a handful of days after her accident, is nothing short of inspiring. [Read more…]