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Updated September 6, 2011

Doc Sheldon

I’m on a writin’ rampage!

In the last month, in addition to Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO (more info on Critical Thinking), I’ve also added Common Sense Management, and the first two issues of my series, Livin’ Large – and on the Edge, and Livin’ Large – Crossing the Line. Next week, Livin’ Large – Any Regrets? will be released.

100% of the proceeds from Critical Thinking go to charity. Anyone that doesn’t have a favorite charity can feel free to just purchase it, and I’ll take care of getting your donation to a worthy registered charity, that doesn’t blow all their money on high CEO salaries and plush offices. Otherwise, just show me your donation receipt for the charity of your choice, and I’ll get you your free download information right away.

Whatever income my other e-books bring in,  however, will go to either paying for my family’s groceries and utility bills or for cheap Mexican brandy and the occasional cigar, depending upon what time of the month it is, and how good sales are. Both worthy causes, even if they’re not charities.

So much for disclosure! 😉

As an added incentive, I’m lowering the minimum charitable donation by 25%, from $20 to $15 USD (or equivalent), AND….

I’m also tossing in a 25% discount coupon for any and all items in your shopping cart. Just enter Clinic in the discount code block in your shopping cart (not the Gift Voucher block), prior to checking out.

That discount code is good for only one use, and both the discount code and the reduced donation level are only good for one day, so be sure to take advantage of them before they expire.

So, if you want to read what 31 well known SEO/SEM professionals consider important, or want some great management tips, check out Critical Thinking and Common Sense Management. Or if you just want some light-hearted tales of madness, than pick up the Living’ Large series.

Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEOCommon Sense Management

Livin' Large - and on the EdgeLivin' Large - Crossing the Line

All 25% off through tomorrow night!