A Few Samples to Whet your Appetite

Updated August 4, 2011

Doc Sheldon

This ebook is coming together nicely. Every day, I’m receiving more input from the contributors. It’s turning out to be more work than my last effort, but well worth it!

I thought I’d share a couple of excerpts, to pique your interest.


Question: What do you believe is the single greatest challenge facing SEOs today?

Joe Hall:

I think one of the biggest challenges is aligning priorities with the right opportunities within a given budget. In other words, it seems as if there are LOTS of things you can do with Internet Marketing, but all marketing is expensive. So the key is to develop strategies that fit inside the client’s budget and get the most bang for the buck.

Question: If you could mandate just one change to the dynamics of search ranking, what would that change be?

Rebekah May:

“I may hear some gasps with this answer, but I would place much less emphasis on the role of links in SEO.  The level of importance linkbuilding has risen to, is not only part of what contributes to so many fraudsters in the industry, but has over the years, played a large role in turning the internet into a giant spam filled cesspool… “


Question: What is the one aspect of internet marketing that you feel is most counter-productive?

Danny Sullivan

“I see a lot of focus on social media to provide customer service. That’s nice, but to me, it’s like asking people to walk into your store and scream if they have a problem. I’d rather see customer service be handled well through dedicated customer service channels, so that social media isn’t some sort of escape valve.”

Question: Given limited budgets and time on projects, what is/are the most essential thing(s) you address first?

Anthony Verre:

“I always address the core of websites first (information architecture, keyword research, content, and finding and addressing technical issues). Everything starts with a strong foundation, all the deft algorithm-techniques in the world won’t matter if you’re building on a faulty foundation.”

That’s only a small sample, but I can’t give too much away, right? The point is, there are 35 seasoned pros offering their opinions on 15 probing questions, not to mention a lot of expanding comments, great tool recommendations and observations from around the industry.

Oh, yeah! You’re definitely going to want to get a copy of Critical Thinking!

Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO


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