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Updated December 20, 2014

Doc Sheldon

My Blog GuestHi, I’m Sheldon Campbell. For the record, I’m not a medical doctor. “Doc” is a nickname I picked up in the Navy, and it has stuck for forty years. So if I tell you to eat something strange… take it with a grain of salt. It might not be good for you.

Until I retired a couple of years ago, I’d been in business for myself, off and on, for around twenty years. Truth be known, I had to take an “honest job” now and then, or I’d have starved to death. But I learned a few valuable lessons along the way. Some of them added to the values my parents instilled in me. Others were just lessons best learned the hard way.

  • I learned that honesty really IS the best policy. Whether you’re talking about business, society or personal relationships, it’s always better in the long run, to be up front and honest. It may hurt for a bit, but the alternative can hurt much longer.
  • I learned that compassion is a valuable trait, both in myself and others. I try to respond to why someone did what they did, rather than what they did. And I try to remember that they may be seeing things differently than I do.
  • I learned that no matter how dark things seem, they can always get worse. And that they will get better a hell of a lot faster, if I concentrate on making that happen, rather than feeling sorry for myself.
  • I learned that if I open my mind, I can learn something from ANYBODY. If I’m not learning something from them, it’s usually because I’m not trying, not because they have nothing worthwhile to teach me.
  • I learned that if you don’t know, it’s better to admit that, rather than pretend to be privy to some divine guidance. I still state my opinion, but I make it clear that it’s only that.
  • I’ve learned that saying I’m sorry doesn’t make me weak. On the contrary, I think it makes me stronger. Besides, I don’t enjoy having to do it, so it helps me be careful about not screwing up.
  • Above all, and somewhat interlaced in all the other things I’ve learned, I learned that there are two types of energy – positive and negative. I’m not into all that touchy-feely karma crap… I just believe that negative energy does negative things, and positive energy doesn’t. Unfortunately, this was the lesson that took me the longest to learn. If I’d picked up on it sooner, I probably wouldn’t have so many regrets.

I try to live my personal and my professional life, practicing what I’ve learned. For the most part, I succeed. Now and then, I back-slide. I find that the older I get, the easier it is to stay on the right path, though.


I retired from my business management consulting business in September of 2003, and decided to pursue full-time the studies I had begun over five years prior, in the very interesting field of SEO.

As anyone in the business knows, there are two constants in SEO: misinformation and change. As I slowly started to amass enough information to be able to discern between truth & fiction, I discovered the second constant. SEO has been a moving target, almost from day one for me and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down much.

Since I’d been writing professionally for over 30 years, copywriting seemed like a logical pastime to keep me out of trouble in my twilight years. After a few years of studying SEO, I discovered that SEO copywriting could keep me really busy. From there, once I achieved some competency in SEO, content strategy was a logical progression.

The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for those that are looking for knowledge, tools, opinion, news… anything that might be helpful in their quest for a better understanding of the many-headed beast often referred to as SEO.

Here, you may occasionally see it referred to as SXO, for search experience optimization. What does that mean? Sorry! That’s too complex a topic for this tiny textbox. You’ll have to read more on this site, to find that out.

For this site to become a resource, it’s going to need contributions, in the form of information. Tips & tools, links to other sites/articles, tutorials, test results… and discussion. Much of what I’ve learned the last four years, I learned from reading on blogs and forums. It isn’t always easy to filter out the BS and find the truth, but it can be done.

For me, participating in discussions has always been the most effective way to learn. I’m sure everybody isn’t that way, but I think most are. So discussion will be a major part of the success of our sharing efforts. Raw data is fine for some, others need to see charts and graphs, while still others need to see it up close and personal.

So I’m asking everyone to share their resources, and tell us what you like or dislike about them. My contributions here will be mostly questions and opinions, because I know that there are a lot of you out there that know more about the topics than I do. That doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions. It’s just me, trying to get a better understanding of things. If I’m wrong, please call me on it. Point me in the right direction, and we’ll both feel good about it.

As in medicine, I think a great philosophy for our business is, “Do no harm”.

If my writing style hasn’t made you swear off ever reading again, you can also find me guest blogging on various other SEO/SEM blogs. I’ve also written regularly for Search News Central, Search Engine Watch and The Meld and I occasionally guest post on various blogs.

If you’re interested in my SEO Content Strategy services, drop me a line at doc@docsheldon.com, or catch me on Skype at sheldon2208.
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