All is Forgiven, Ana – Now that I Have CommentLuv Premium

Updated September 26, 2011

Doc Sheldon

I have buried the hatchet with Ana Hoffman, since she shared a link today where I could purchase Andy Bailey’s new CommentLuv Premium plugin. I’ve been jealously waiting for it to become available, so I rushed over and bought it, before anyone could change their mind! Quick and easy install, great functionality and more features than you can shake a stick at… made me a happy camper, let me tell ya. So it’s installed here now, in all its glory! CommentLuv Premium will be available to everyone in a week. I don’t know yet what the price will be, but I expect it to be in the $100-$200 range. It includes far more than that in separate plugins that Andy has incorporated into it, so even at $200, it’d be a bargain. But for this week, and this week only, it’s available for a small fraction of that cost! I could go on and on, telling you about all the features of the plugin, but I’d never be able to do it as well as Andy does. So why don’t you go take a look at this short video Andy made, explaining why every WordPress blog really needs CommentLuv Premium:
The CommentLuv Plugin
And by the way, yes, that’s an affiliate link. And if you decide to purchase CommentLuv Premium by clicking on it, you’ll have one just like it for your blog. You can pay for the plugin in just a couple of clicks! 😉 Don’t waste any time, though… this unbelievably low price won’t last long, and will never be repeated!

HOWEVER… I’m going to sweeten the pot for the first five people that buy CommentLuv Premium using my link above… I’ll rebate you 25% of the cost! You just have to send me your PayPal address, I’ll verify your purchase, and BAM! 25% rebate immediately in your PayPal account! This offer is time-limited, so take advantage of it quickly. It’s good until I post differently here, so hurry!

Edit: There’s still room for a couple more of you to take advantage of this opportunity to get a 25% rebate from me, for purchasing CommentLuv Premium via my link. Best hurry, though!


  1. Good to be forgiven, Sheldon. LOL

    CommentLuv Premium looks great on your blog!

  2. You know I can’t stay mad at you, Ana! Looks like I’ll have to be nice to Andy, too! 😉

  3. Hi Doc,

    I came over to see what Ana did that you are forgiving but you did not reveal anything 🙂 All I see is a happy man rocking his new plugin. With all the party going on about this, I wish I had a blog so that I can install it straight away.

  4. Hi, Flo- Thanks for stopping by. Put your feet up and stay a while!

    Ana fell from my good graces a bit back, but who can stay mad at someone that’s so nice? I tried, I really did… just couldn’t do it! 😉

    And not having a blog is a flimsy excuse, Flo… it’s so easy, and so affordable… buy yourself a domain name for under $10, get yourself a hosting package for $4 and change a month, and you’re off to the races!

  5. Ah, now I’m no more in the dark, “Doc”. And I enjoyed reading that post. I like your writing style and sense of humour. And I just saw on your G+ profile that you speak Spanish so I’ll definitely hang around for some time, hombre!

    And to be honest, this whole blogging thing scares the living daylights out of me: plugins, comments, blog posts, social media! There’s a lot to keep up with so I’ll stick to my static websites for now 🙂 I do promote my sites but not just at the same rate.

  6. Hi Doc,

    I also got interested to what Ana has done. lol You just triggered my curiosity. Anyway, that sounds like a fantastic offer but couldn’t take it at this time. But I’m gonna share it to my friends and they may be interested with your offer. 🙂

  7. Hello, Alexis-

    Glad you stopped by. Too bad you didn’t pay attention to my recent rebates on CL+… you could have saved a good chunk! (Hint: Subscribe, and keep your eyes open… I’ll be doing something similar again this week! 😉 )