And the Beat Goes on…

Updated October 2, 2010

Doc Sheldon

My second contest entry post has shown up on the BlogEngage forum, and I’ve got two more in the hopper, waiting for approval. They’re only putting up two per day, from all the entrants, though, so there’s no way of knowing when the next one will clear.

As before, for any and all that are of a mind to help me out with a little social media lovin’… it will be greatly appreciated.;)

Meanwhile, I’ve been fighting with my computer for four days straight! I don’t know what’s gotten into it. It scans clean, but I found my registry in a shambles, and it still crashes on me every time I try to open Windows Explorer, or click on a link.

If I get lucky enough to win any substantial cash in this contest, it’s going to be going to a new computer! And this one is likely to become a doorstop!


  1. I’ve heard they are coming up with a new event in the Olympic & Highland Games .
    Since there is a shortage of trees in
    Scotland due to acid rain, global warming and deforestation the Caber toss is to be replaced by the CPU toss and they will be introducing a junior weight class with the Laptop fling .

    Laine D

  2. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for the caber event, so this change may let me consider donning my kilt and standing up for the honor of my Clan. I think I can still muster enough energy for the launch of a mini-tower.

    Thanks for stopping by, Laine!

  3. Paul Novak says:

    Well, all I can say is good luck with it Doc. I recently participated in a similar contest and it’ll be awhile before I do it again. I know exactly how much effort can go into the thing if you’re serious about giving it a shot and don’t envy you;)

    I did however drop a comment and will head off to spread some linkage around. Hope it helps out. Good luck.

  4. Thanks for stopping in, Paul.

    Yeah, they are a little demanding. to be sure. And like a dummy, I decided to go with a series, instead of just one post. Glutton for punishment, I suppose.

    ‘Preciate the help, Paul. Don’t be a stranger!