Video Chat? Really? That’s the Best your Team Could Come up With, Mark?

Updated July 6, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Mark Zuckerberg made his big announcement today, about Facebook’s new video chat feature.


Exciting? NOT!

That’s all, folks. Show’s over! Nothing to see here.

All in all, I think most folks were thoroughly underwhelmed. Frankly, I found the first part of his presentation more interesting, where he explained some of the thought process that goes into an analysis, to decide where R&D efforts should be focused. That was nothing new either, but at least it didn’t make me sleepy.

Partnering with Skype doesn’t rock anyone’s world, I don’t think, and frankly, even if FB had developed their own video chat platform, they’d still be several years behind the curve.

Facebook has grown its membership base, it’s true. Mark even spoke wishfully of perhaps reaching a billion users some day. But let’s face it, their user base grew for a few very basic reasons:

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I’m no Facebook Fan-boy, but…

Updated April 7, 2011

Doc Sheldon

This morning, someone tweeted about a live webcast where Facebook was going to make some big announcement. Envisioning a “Pinky and the Brain” moment, I tuned in and watched it. I’m really glad I did. They may well have revolutionized data center design and server design, simultaneously.

As a bit of background, when I worked as an electrical engineer, my specialty was the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to keep the data center operating, at all costs. Downtime is costly, particularly for centers that lease time on their mainframes. I worked closely with other team members to design new facilities or expand existing centers (the former is MUCH to be preferred, from an engineer’s standpoint!)

Efficiency was usually the biggest selling point for any of the peripheral equipment. Just to give you an idea:

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Free SEO Company Directory is Growing

Updated March 30, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Earlier this month, Dean Cruddace and I launched the new SEO Company Directory, and it’s getting off to a good start. We have 43 new listings this week, representing the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Italy.

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Free SEO Company Directory Launched

Updated March 11, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Today, Dean Cruddace and I launched the new SEO Company Directory, aimed at providing a resource for site owners looking for reputable SEO firms, agencies and individuals to improve the rankings of their sites.

SCD Logo

The directory is built upon a WordPress CMS, with the Directory Press Theme, specifically designed for directories. It will use RDF technology to display the listings, and providers can be found by searching by location, specialty or company name. [Read more…]