Automattic Jetpack, You Crossed the Line! You’re FIRED!

Updated November 19, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Here’s a heads-up to all of you that are running self-hosted WordPress sites.

If you’re like most, you used the WordPress Stats plugin, which gave real time visit and referral data for your site. Then a short while back, Automattic announced that Stats would shortly be discontinued, and that you’d only be able to see that data if you installed Jetpack.

I resisted, partly because Jetpack was seriously bloated, with eleven different plugins incorporated into it, and partly because I really resent being told what to do by a supposed open-source provider.

Then one morning, I logged into my dashboard to find it conspicuously vacant of data. ARGH!

So I bit the bullet and installed Jetpack. BAM! My stats were back and I was a happy camper.

Until about an hour ago, when I stumbled across Vernessa Taylor’s post on the CoachNotes Blog, where she detailed how she discovered that Jetpack was taking liberties with both sites and subscribers.

Her post title, Jetpack Stats From Hijacks Your Commenting System at first seemed a bit melodramatic. Until I read it in its entirety. And compared her findings to my own. Then I saw red!

So my advice to each of you is to deactivate and uninstall Jetpack, and replace it with Jetpack Lite, which incorporates only the Stats and the URL Shortener, forsaking the other nine plugins.

But before you do that, go to the Jetpack tab in your dashboard, and click on their Jetpack Survey button. Tell them you’re deleting Jetpack and why, and then let them know what you think of their tactics.

Automattic, what the hell were you thinking?