Behind the Scenes: The Email Template

Updated December 14, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Is copying and pasting email templates wrong? Who knows!! One thing is for sure though, and that is that you will come across a lot of angry people if you are trying to automate some of your communication efforts. I have done my fair share of copying and pasting in the past – I steer clear of it now.

EmailI know what isn’t wrong, and that is taking the time to speak to each and everyone of your online relationships individually and with a sense of humanity instead of being a robot. Nobody likes robots and that is why you will get sour responses from people who know that all you are doing is sending out template emails.

What does sending out template emails mean? Let’s take a look at the behind the scenes action of the template email. This may help you decide how you want to react if you get a template email, or on the other side of things help you realize what you are actually really doing when sending a template email.

1) Sending out template emails means that the person who sent it has in no way, shape or form taken the time out to look over your web site. They haven’t read one article, and they are probably there for the first time.

2) The person sending the email will not be the one that provides the service that they are offering. This is if there even is a person that is doing the sending at all… it may be an automated emailing program like SendBlaster.

3) The person really does not care too much about what you say. Sending out template emails always converts. No matter how you slice it or dice it, usually on a rate of 7-13% (Depending on how good the template email is).

4) The reason they are template emailing you is because what they are offering to do for you usually benefits them financially more than it will benefit you.

5) The template email is only for outsourcing the initial email. Since the conversion rate of a template email is much lower than a personalized one, it only takes a few people to deal with the more important communicative part: the responses.

Template emails are obviously useful for some things. Every situation is different and it really is up to you and what kind of web site you are running, how you should approach a template email. Some template emails might actually pan out to be a good thing! Although on the other hand a template email will usually only lead to mediocre services or mediocre results in what you actually really want. Too much of the SEO world is regurgitated. Template emails are just another way people try to automate SEO services and the more and more you try to automate quality the more and more everything you do will begin to look like everything else out there in the SEO world.

That being said, you’re going to run into template emails whether you like it or not if you’re a web site owner. You might as well give them a run for their money and see what they’re up to. Can’t hurt, can it?

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