Blog Engage Guest Blogging Contest – I.Must.Win.

Updated September 24, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Blog Engage is hosting a Best of the Guest Bloggers Contest on their community blog. I’ve decided to enter and see if I can walk away with some of their great prizes. Not that I’d turn down some of the cash. 😉

Brian’s sponsors have already ponied up over $1,000 in cash, as well as some very respectable non-cash prizes, so I suspect the competition is going to be pretty stiff. Before I start thinking about where to spend my winnings, though, I suppose I’d best be giving thought to what my guest post topic will be.

Brian has left the field of topics fairly open to any of the following: Making Money Online, Blogging Tips, Traffic, Design, Social Networking, SEO, Marketing, Technology and other industry or niche specific topics that might be interesting to the membership at Blog Engage.

The contest started September 20th, and will be running through October 31st. Judging will be based upon post quality, the quantity and quality of comments (as well as the poster’s response to comments) and the amount of overall social media promotion.

There’s still plenty of time, for any of you that have a passion for one of the above topics, to sign up over at Blog Engage, and try to grab the brass ring.  Why not set aside a little time for you, and take a shot at the prize money? You certainly won’t win anything, if you don’t enter!

If you decide to enter, I wish you luck!

Below are the sponsors that have generously donated cash and prizes for this contest. If you’ve followed any previous blogging contests, you’ll recognize some of them, as several of them make such donations regularly. Click on some of their links, and check them out. You just might find a sweet deal.

Contest Prizes and Awards

2 year free hosting (3 GB space/15 GB bandwith) + 1 free domain

Houston SEO

Best Travel Websites

Denver Web Design

Denver Web Design

James Brown

Leading Travel Directory for Travel Websites

My Guest Blog Media Sponsor

Golf School

Golf School

Chicago Web Design

Chicago Web Design

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Virtual Assistant

Newark Airport Parking

Newark Airport Parking

Other prizes: Non-Cash Sponsors

Platinum Package ” $125 value + stationery design “Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes” 100$ value

One year membership at Elegant Themes From Nick

Simply Fresh WordPress theme

Free Blog Review at Bloggeries Blog Forum

One Year Free of HostGator’s Business Web Hosting Plan (a $179.40 value)


  1. Good luck Doc! Thanks for providing more info about that contest. don’t encourage too many to sign up though, you want to limit your competitions 🙂
    I’ll be reading more and if I had more time on my hands, I would enter the competition too.

    Again, good luck to you!

  2. Hi, Julien! Thanks for stopping by and leaving the kind words! I’m always happy to see competition… it keeps me on my toes. 😉

  3. Good Luck Doc,

    Thanks for sharing the info.. you know what they say “Set the Bar high, then just be sure you don’t fall off the Bar stool” 😀

    Judges – just give him the prize, you know he’s the best!

    Thanks for the smiles

    Laine D.

  4. Sound advice, Laine. Where were you when I was young and foolish? I might have been saved a few bumps & bruises!
    Sadly, I don’t think the judges are apt to be swayed by such opinions. They haven’t even responded to the kidnap note I painstakingly pasted together from bits of the labels off my meds bottles!


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