We’ve Reorganized

Updated August 7, 2013

Doc Sheldon

A couple of years after I “retired”, I set up Doc Sheldon’s Clinic, originally intending it to market my SEO copywriting services. That was about three years ago, and it grew nicely, eventually expanding to include content strategy services, with all that entails.

In 2011, Lisa joined me as a partner and shortly thereafter, we decided to found Top Shelf Copy together, the idea at the time being that Top Shelf would become the content arm of the Clinic and all SEO related services would remain here.

Unfortunately for me, Lisa’s burgeoning family and her own business goals reminded her that she needed to have a life beyond the 100+ hours per week that our efforts demanded, and I soon found myself alone again. That meant even less time for me to think about getting organized with the workflow (who am I kidding? I’m a world-class procrastinator). [Read more…]

We Have a Dream… and You’re in It!

Updated February 13, 2012

Doc Sheldon

It’s been crazy around here for a few weeks, with a lot of new activity. Lisa and I have been planning and implementing like crazy, and are finally ready to open the doors to the public on our new digs!

Since we joined forces last year, it’s seemed inappropriate to continue to call our business Doc Sheldon’s Clinic. And trying to work Doc and Lisa into the company name didn’t really make sense to us. So we did some brainstorming and came up with something [Read more…]

Come and Get your Stocking Stuffer!

Updated December 23, 2011

Doc Sheldon

I can’t supply stocking stuffers for every one of my friends, followers and colleagues. But I can offer something to at least a few of you.

Somewhere on the 20 pages accessible from the top navigation bar of this site, there are three (3) clues, one on each of three different pages. Find all three clues, and you’re in for a treat.

And just to make it interesting, I’m going to print the clue in a different color. Maybe something like this.

There’s a URL, a price and a Discount Code. Find ’em all, figure out what to do with ’em, and you’ll be one of the winners.

You’d better hurry, though. only the first ten people to find all three clues and take the necessary action will get their stocking stuffer this year.

Merry Christmas! I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful Christmas holiday, surrounded by your friends and family! And I hope the lucky winners enjoy their gift!

Intro Post | 80’s Music, Strippers And Bad Ass

Updated November 25, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Hey, everyone. Doc asked me to write a post introducing myself to our readers and friends. This is hard. I hate writing bios, putting myself out there. This is actually the 2ndversion. I had two friends read the first attempt and they thought it was too tame and lacking the full “Lisa” effect. My husband, on the other hand, thought it was wholly inappropriate, especially the part about my butt later. Yes, I mention my butt. I am *nothing* if not professional. Needless to say, I completely ignored my husband. [Read more…]

New Partner Brings New Ideas to the Clinic

Updated November 18, 2011

Doc Sheldon

I want to share some news about the Clinic, that has me really excited.

I got off the line a little bit ago with a young lady that’s been doing some fantastic work for the Clinic for several months. She’s been my star writer for a while, in spite of being mom to a very active brood of youngsters. I called her with a very specific purpose in mind, which I suspect took her off-guard. [Read more…]