Pssst …. Wanna Know What Writers Really Think?

Updated December 11, 2011

Doc Sheldon

writers talkWhen I was younger, my sister and I had the babysitting market cornered in our little town. Supply and demand. There were two of us and tons of them; each week we had our pick. I am a bit embarrassed to say that we actually had a rating system.

1)   Pay Rate: Let’s face it, money talks whether you are 13 or 53.

2)   Kids: No brats, enough said. There was one couple with a really obnoxious son and a python. The python got loose on my watch and those parents never saw the inside of another restaurant or movie theatre again!  [Read more…]

Four Days Left to Get CommentLuv Premium Dirt Cheap!

Updated September 30, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Andy’s new CommentLuv Premium plugin is really taking off, as people begin to realize the benefits of the Premium version over the standard. If you have a WP blog, and you haven’t bought this yet, I can only assume it’s because you haven’t heard about it. We’re going to fix that right now! [Read more…]

An Introduction to MyBlogGuest

Updated September 21, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Ann Smarty, over at, has put up a nice video to show people how easy it is to pick up (and to share) good copy over there. I can vouch for that… I was a mod over there for a while, but had to step back, because I just didn’t have the time it deserved. There’s a great bunch of people over there, and some mighty fine writers! Sharing new content was never easier! [Read more…]