Trying to Give Back to Dana – But She Keeps on Giving

Updated November 20, 2013

Doc Sheldon

DanaLast week, a very sweet lady who has earned the respect, friendship and love of many people in the SEO community, suffered a terrible bicycle accident while riding with a group. An errant stick in her path caused Dana Lookadoo to veer off the path into a ditch, resulting in multiple fractures, the most severe being several vertebrae.

My Dad taught me that everything that happens can have positive effects, no matter how dark the situation may seem. Sometimes you just have to look really hard to find them. Years ago, I got into the habit of looking for those little “silver linings”. It can point out opportunities to improve a situation, or just help balance out some of the negatives.

Dana has already endured a lot of pain and discomfort… probably some fear, as well. Now that her physical therapy has begun, she’ll be facing more. Fortunately, she’s one of those rare, dynamic individuals that just fight harder when things get tough. Her progress already, just a handful of days after her accident, is nothing short of inspiring. [Read more…]

Ever had a Mentor? Drop Their Name in the Hat

Updated August 25, 2013

Doc Sheldon

Merriam-Webster defines mentor thus: mentor: a trusted counselor or guide.

Most of us have been on one side or the other (ideally, both) sides of a mentor relationship. I know I’ve had the benefit of receiving a great deal of assistance over the years, not only in terms of techniques and methodology, but also in ways that helped me forge my own business philosophy.

Some of the people that helped me develop my skills in business, management, engineering and SEO… even my personal character… are no longer around. A few of my most recent mentors, though, in the SEO arena, are still kicking. I’ve let most of them know how much I value the sharing of their ideas and opinions. And this post will remind me to ensure that I’ve let all of them know how much I appreciate it. [Read more…]

Pioneers are a Precious Commodity these Days

Updated October 6, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Normally, I don’t care too much for posting the same thing everyone else is, but I feel as though an exception is warranted, with the recent passing of a true visionary – Steve Jobs.

I’ve never been a big fan of Apple products, primarily because I like what I’m already accustomed to, so never got on the Mac bandwagon. I’ve never said, though, that they didn’t make a damned fine product. I never got into portable music either, so the iPod never showed up on my charge account (I did buy one for my daughter, though, and she tried her best to wear it out). [Read more…]