Keeping your Site Secure Against Spammers, Hackers and Malware

Updated July 2, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Those of us that have had our sites hacked or  suffer a catastrophic failure before can appreciate how important it is to keep an eye on the status of our websites. For instance, last night, I looked at a post from a couple of weeks ago, and found that everything after the 2nd paragraph had been deleted.Thank goodness for Google cache!

When I put up a new post, I always check it again after it goes live, just to be sure that nothing went haywire since I last saw it in my backend. But I got an alert on a monitoring service that caused me to check some recent posts, and I found this problem. The alert was unrelated, but if I hadn’t received it, I might never have noticed the issue.

I got hacked a couple of times earlier this year, too. And on one of those occasions, I didn’t even notice it until five days after it happened. Hackers can do a lot of damage in five days! I was fortunate, and with the assistance of a very savvy friend, got control of my site back fairly quickly.

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