GetClicky is my New Favorite Toy!

Updated December 4, 2011

Doc Sheldon

My recent fiasco with Jetpack and Jetpack Lite gave me good reason to dive into my system and take a hard look at my plugins, as well as various other aspects of the Clinic.

Vernessa Taylor commented the other day that she was using Clicky Stats, so I decided to check it out. I wish I’d done it months ago! Simple install, easy set-up and a wealth of information – far more than WordPress or Jetpack offered – and I am one very happy camper! [Read more…]

Linking to a Specific Point on a Page

Updated June 1, 2011

Doc Sheldon

While this tip is specifically written for the WordPress platform, it should work fine for any html application. It’s designed for those situations where you need to link to a particular point on a page, rather than just to the beginning of that page. The link can originate from the same page or from another. It can even originate from another site entirely, provided you have the ability to plant the small bits of code on both the source and destination pages.

Let’s say you want to list the three chapters of a document that appear further down the page. The process is really quite simple. First, you define the destination points, which in this case will be the sub headers beginning each chapter. This is done in the html editor pane of your WordPress back-end. You simply insert a tag right above the sub header beginning Chapter One, such as:

<a name=”one”></a>

That takes care of your destination point definition. Now you go to your origin point, and insert your hyperlink, thus:

<a href=”#one”>Chapter One</a> [Read more…]