Common Sense Management

Updated March 20, 2014

Doc Sheldon

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Doc Sheldon’s business management e-book, Common Sense Management, includes twenty-three chapters of solid management techniques, on dealing with customers, employees and vendors, delegating, negotiating, conflict resolution and much more.

Whether you have a small business with two or three employees, or are a VP of a multi-national corporation, these are proven techniques for optimizing your management style and streamlining your operation.

Yours for only $2.99, this Kindle e-book will prove to be a handy reference time after time. Eventually, many of these methods will become second nature to you. You may even find yourself counseling your junior managers and supervisors on how to implement these proven techniques themselves.

Order now, and start putting these practices to use, and you may soon be the go-to person in your company for those “sticky situations”. At the very least, you’re bound to find some new methods that will help you be a more effective manager/supervisor.

Includes a detailed spreadsheet for building a business plan.

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