Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO

Updated March 20, 2014

Doc Sheldon

Here it is, nearly 500 answers to probing questions you’ve been asking about SEO and IM, from more than thirty prominent Internet professionals.


Here are the folks that contributed their time and considerable knowledge to provide you with answers to some questions you’ve undoubtedly wanted to ask them (plus a few more that may not have occurred to you).

Alan Bleiweiss, Anthony Verre, Andrea Scarpetta, Andrew Bleakley, Barry Adams, Dana Lookadoo, Danny Sullivan, Dean Cruddace, Debra Mastaler, Eren McKay, Gabriella Sannino, Garrett French, Heather Lloyd-Martin, Hugo Gill, Ian Lurie, Jahnelle Pittman, Jey Pandian, Joe Hall, Joshua Titsworth, Justin Parks, Lyena Solomon, Michelle Robbins, MJ Taylor, Rand Fishkin, Rebekah May, Steve Gerencser, S. Emerson, Taylor Pratt, Thomas Fjordside, Tim Nash, William Slawski

This compilation of thoughts from these preeminent SEOs, CROs, Internet marketers, copywriters, developers, designers… all sharing their thoughts on several different aspects of Internet work, will clear up many doubts you may have had.

Are they going to teach you how to optimize your site? No. But they are going to teach you how to use critical thinking to sift through the sea of advice to be found on the Internet, and determine what to heed and what to ignore. In short, instead of giving you a fish, they’re going to teach you how to fish!

Here’s what one totally unbiased (okay… maybe not totally unbiased… he was one of our contributors) expert had to say:

Alan Bleiweiss' profile image“It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sea of search marketing information, advice, and knowledge available on the web.  What’s more difficult even than that, is discerning what’s truth, what’s fiction and what’s pure hot air.  Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO solves a great deal of that, not by being a “be-all/end-all” book, but rather by bringing so many of the greatest minds in our industry together to provide true insights into critical areas of our industry.  This book really is a must-read by anyone new to the industry as well as veterans who “think” they can succeed on their own thinking…”

~Alan Bleiweiss

This, from a review of the book by Nichola Stott, on Search Engine Watch:

“… the author seeks to introduce critical thought as an overarching approach to the scientific method required for successful SEO practice. Campbell starts by examining the all-too-common issue of information overload (in SEO), reflecting on personal experience when first learning SEO and the problem of where to seek knowledge and how to filter the vast range of information in any meaningful way.

“Definitely worth a read for those experienced in SEO practice but seeking a little inspiration, reassurance or re-invigoration.”

~Nichola Stott, Search Engine Watch


Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO will give you insights from some of the top names in the business, on how to focus your efforts where they’ll give you real benefit, rather than chasing every shiny penny offered by self-proclaimed gurus and experts.

This collection is on special at only $2.99. That’s less than 1¢ per answer, from some of the great minds in the field of SEO! Good luck hiring such talent at that rate!

Ebook cover for Critical ThinkingAll you need to do is visit our Amazon shop and download the Kindle version of Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO for your desktop or Kindle now.



Just like I have, these contributors have watched site owners, webmasters and fledgling SEOs get misled for years, and they’re tired of it!

They know they can’t single-handedly counteract the vast amount of misinformation and ignorance springing up all over the Internet. So they’ve teamed up to give YOU the ability to see through the smoke and decide which information is worth listening to.

Anyone working on the Internet can benefit tremendously from critical thinking. Whether setting up security for your blog, just weeding through all the spam in your inbox or trying to optimize your site to acquire more traffic, critical thinking can help you avoid a lot of false steps. In extreme instances, it can help you keep your site from being de-indexed, and losing all of your search engine traffic.

Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO can help you avoid many of those traps, and dedicate your energy where it’ll do the most good.

Hopefully, you’ll soon be reading the collective wisdom of some of the best known professionals on the Internet, eager to help you get to the next level.