Critical Thinking Too

Updated March 20, 2014

Doc Sheldon

Critical Thinking Too, the second in the Critical Thinking series is underway, and should be available next year. New contributors, new questions, upgraded format… and hopefully, a new perspective for the readers.

Taking a break from writing, I decided to work on the cover of the book. I knew essentially what I wanted, but I lacked the skills to create it myself.  Fortunately for me (and you), a new acquaintance with an abundance of talent felt generous. I want to send a special thanks to Inés Berrizbeitia, the very talented artist, photographer and web designer that created the perfect graphic for the ecover. Take a look at her site… I’m sure you’ll be impressed, as I was.

When I finish the book, and collect everyone’s input, this is what it’ll look like:

Critical Thinking Too ecover