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Updated March 20, 2014

Doc Sheldon

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Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEOCritical Thinking for the Discerning SEO

Doc enlisted 31 of the SEO/SEM industry’s most prominent voices to share their opinions on a number of questions that are asked every day by site owners and SEOs. Nearly 500 candid responses, spread over 180 pages of awesomeness. Intended to teach you HOW to think, not WHAT to think.


Common Sense Management ecoverCommon Sense Management

Doc shares his proven techniques on handling sticky management issues, developing employees, optimizing relationships with customers, vendors and employees, negotiating and much more. No “secrets” here… just sound common sense!


Livin' Large - and on the Edge ecoverLivin’ Large and on the Edge

The first of the Livin’ Large series, and on the Edge starts at Doc’s childhood and goes up into his military career. You’ll get a glimpse of some of the antics of Doc and his cohorts, and will probably be left wondering how he ever survived some of the stupid stunts they pulled.


Livin' Large - Crossing the Line ecoverLivin’ Large – Crossing the Line

#2 in the Livin’ Large series, Crossing the Line describes some more of Doc’s misadventures, as a cop, publisher, horse-thief (only once), gambler (again, only once) and more. Never a dull moment, especially when a Venezuelan deportee put out a contract on Doc and his partners.


Livin' Large - Any Regrets? ecoverLivin’ Large – Any Regrets?

In #3 in the Livin’ Large series, Any Regrets?, the author sets the tone of the relationship with his new father-in-law, the Catholic Church and labor unions. He gets his new bride drunk for the first and last time, starts a barroom brawl, fights with the Mexican educational system and goes on to define friends and buddies.


TrilogyeCover-113x150Livin’ Large Trilogy (coming soon to Kindle)

The Livin’ Large Trilogy includes all three books of the Livin’ Large series: On the Edge, Crossing the Line and Any Regrets, plus a healthy discount.