Livin’ Large Series

Updated March 20, 2014

Doc Sheldon

The Livin’ Large series is just plain fun stuff… stupid stunts I’ve pulled over the years, memorable things that have happened to me and fond memories of days gone by. You certainly won’t learn anything about SEO or business management here – ‘though you might pick up a few pointers on shooting yourself in the leg or “borrowing” a horse.

#1 – Livin’ Large and on the Edge is the first in a series of anecdotal ebooks by Doc Sheldon. Starting with his early childhood and progressing through his teens into his military life, he gives you some glimpses into some of the stunts he’s taken part in that have branded him as a “character”.

#2 – The second in the Livin’ Large series, Crossing the Line describes some more of Doc’s adventures (and misadventures) as a cop, a publisher, horse-thief, gambler (once, anyway) and more. Never a dull moment, especially when a Venezuelan deportee puts out a contract on Doc and his partners.

#3 – In Livin’ Large – Any Regrets, the author sets the tone of the relationship with his new father-in-law, the Catholic Church and labor unions. Eventually, his battles include the Mexican government, as well as acting as a builder, plant manager and union-buster. He gets his new bride drunk for the first and last time, starts a barroom brawl, fights with the Mexican educational system and goes on to define friends and buddies.

Embellishment is the privilege of any author, so if you happen to be one of the lucky bastards that shared some of these experiences with me, save your nickel! I know… that’s “not the way it happened”, you “didn’t say that”, or it “wasn’t your idea” or you “never fell off the stage with your pants around your ankles”.  But you’re as old as I am…. who’d want to trust your memory?

Names have been changed to protect the innocent, the not-so-innocent and the downright guilty. Obviously, of course, any description of any behavior that might be considered even marginally illegal is the part of the book that’s totally fictitious.

Fair warning – there’s some strong language in a couple of the chapters. That’s not for shock value or because Doc just likes to cuss… it’s because it’s the language that was used in the described incident, and changing that would take away from the story.

The series can be bought individually, or you can pick up the Livin’ Large Trilogy as a set, for a discount.