Doc’s Toolbar

Updated December 25, 2014

Doc Sheldon

EDIT – December 25, 2014 I’ve discontinued this toolbar, partly because it was nothing to brag about, and partly because Conduit has gained a reputation for being a vehicle for spamware.

EDIT – March 20, 2014

I got the news today that Wibiya had been acquired by Conduit, and that reminded me that I hadn’t checked lately to see what new items Conduit might have to offer for this toolbar. Once I got there, I stayed for about three hours, updating, upgrading and upscaling the bar.

If you check it out now, you’ll find a new batch of hotlinks, a URL shortener, and a Skype button. Try it out and see how you like it! I can add more links to it, if you’ll let me know what you’d like.

Or, you can sign up at Conduit and build your own, just the way you want it!

A friend recommended that I check out Conduit, so I spent some time on their site, and decided to give it a try. Here’s a description, a review and a download link, if you’d care to give my toolbar a try. It’s a safe link, and malware protected.

Essentially, this is a customizable toolbar, which you can download and install on your browser, and have a boatload of menus and links always at your fingertips. I went ahead and built one, with just a few customizations: (click to enlarge)

Toolbar screenshot

There are a boatload of standard options available for inclusion, but I kept it simple, with just the following:

  • Search window – a full-function Google search window
  • Hot Links – I set up this drop-down menu with my favorite 12 SEO-SEM blogs I recently posted about.
  • Forum at Doc’s Clinic – this is a link to the (old) Discussions forum here at the Clinic.
  • Email Notifier – This can be individually customized, to notify you of incoming mail at a variety of different email addresses.

Toolbar Options – located within the Email Notifier (seems like an odd place, but…), here you can hide the predetermined buttons, and add a number of other features, including controlling cookies and history, highlighting text for import to search window, various Windows shortcuts, localized weather and an on-line radio player.

  • All Search- Here, you can specify a particular search area, including YouTube, Skeemr Music, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Answers, Yahoo Music, Last FM, Google Images, Dictionary, Wikipedia and RapidShare.

There were a number of other features that would have some appeal for close-knit groups, as well. A message window, to allow transmission of a message to all users of your toolbar, as well as allow them to respond, and a chat capability, to allow members to continue a chat, while browsing or working. There’s also a ticker display, for either standard imports, such as stocks, weather or news, or for scrolling custom messages, sent to all your users.

I only found two disappointments:

  1. First, it only works on IE, Safari and FF, so if you’re running Chrome, Opera or even Flock, you’re out of luck. I run Flock or Iron, so I feel your pain.
  1. Second, there was no aggregated social media button available, such as the Google TB has, offering the ability to post to a variety of SM accounts. That one hurts worse than the exclusion of Flock and Chrome/Iron!

Still, it may offer some value to some sites, so I thought I’d throw it out for you to take a look at.

If you’re so inclined, you can download my toolbar here. The site and download are safe, and it comes with an uninstall, so feel free to check it out. I’d really be interested in hearing what you think of it, whether you download mine, or build your own.