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Updated September 6, 2011

Doc Sheldon

I’m on a writin’ rampage!

In the last month, in addition to Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO (more info on Critical Thinking), I’ve also added Common Sense Management, and the first two issues of my series, Livin’ Large – and on the Edge, and Livin’ Large – Crossing the Line. Next week, Livin’ Large – Any Regrets? will be released.

100% of the proceeds from Critical Thinking go to charity. Anyone that doesn’t have a favorite charity can feel free to just purchase it, and I’ll take care of getting your donation to a worthy registered charity, that doesn’t blow all their money on high CEO salaries and plush offices. Otherwise, just show me your donation receipt for the charity of your choice, and I’ll get you your free download information right away. [Read more…]

It’s Finally Launch Day!

Updated August 23, 2011

Doc Sheldon

After a couple of postponements, Critical Thinking is finally ready to launch. Tuesday, Aug. 23rd starts our charity drive, backed by the fantastic efforts of more than thirty well known professionals in the SEO/SEM/IM/etc. industries.

eCover for Critical ThinkingI have no problem saying that this ebook rocks! Mostly because of why it rocks… because of their input, not mine! 180 pages of pure gold, nearly 500 in-depth responses to some of the most common questions by both site-owners and new SEOs… FREE, with proof of a small donation to the registered charity of your choice.

The idea behind Critical Thinking is not to teach anyone what to think or how to do things. It’s intended to teach people how to think critically, in order to make smarter decisions. And the contributors to the book came through in grand style!

There’s nearly three centuries of cumulative knowledge in this ebook, and we’re offering it free to the first 100 folks that donate to any registered charity. That’s a $27.97 value (for an ebook that would normally sell for around $40).

So be ready to jump in and get your copy early. You won’t be disappointed!


In Dedication to Those that Need and Those that Give

Updated August 12, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Many of us have watched friends or loved ones slowly fade from some obscure illness, or suffer some loss that may have destroyed their life or piece of it. Whether stricken by cancer, a home burned to the ground, or a crushing financial loss, there is one thing that often can make the difference between a sense of defeat and renewed hope.

When friends and family appear at your side, offering whatever help they can, it means a lot. Some of you may have experienced this, many of you have probably offered that support to others. In either case, you already know how much it can mean to someone that’s experiencing total hopelessness.

[Read more…]

A Few Samples to Whet your Appetite

Updated August 4, 2011

Doc Sheldon

This ebook is coming together nicely. Every day, I’m receiving more input from the contributors. It’s turning out to be more work than my last effort, but well worth it!

I thought I’d share a couple of excerpts, to pique your interest.


Question: What do you believe is the single greatest challenge facing SEOs today?

Joe Hall:

I think one of the biggest challenges is aligning priorities with the right opportunities within a given budget. In other words, it seems as if there are LOTS of things you can do with Internet Marketing, but all marketing is expensive. So the key is to develop strategies that fit inside the client’s budget and get the most bang for the buck. [Read more…]

A Sneak Preview

Updated July 30, 2011

Doc Sheldon

I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of what my upcoming ebook is going to look like. I’m having a ball putting this book together, and I’m really looking forward to getting it out to you. But it’s turned into a larger writing project than I anticipated, so it’s still not ready.

The ten or twelve chapters I had figured on are now approaching twenty, but there’s some great stuff in each one, so I think you’ll find it worth the wait.


Enough fanfare, though. Here’s what she looks like! [Read more…]