Google Instant – ad Nauseum

Updated September 9, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Much has been written about this new Google “feature”, and a number of concerns have been expressed. Some have praised it, some have damned it. One even claimed it was the harbinger of SEO’s death (you won’t be getting a link from me on THAT one, Steve!).

So not to be left out of the link-bait fest, I thought I’d mention it, too.

See the title, for said mention.

Enough said.

Perhaps even too much! 😉


  1. Hi, Derek. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I turned it off too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn off all the idiotic rants. You figure out a way to do THAT, and folks’ll beat a path to your door! 😉

  2. I have been following all the news since Google made there initial blog post about this feature coming out and i am already sick and tired of reading all the blog posts about this on many SEO/Tech blogs.

    My solution Doc?

    I went to this link and disabled google instant.

    All fixed and now back to drinking coffee.