It’s Finally Launch Day!

Updated August 23, 2011

Doc Sheldon

After a couple of postponements, Critical Thinking is finally ready to launch. Tuesday, Aug. 23rd starts our charity drive, backed by the fantastic efforts of more than thirty well known professionals in the SEO/SEM/IM/etc. industries.

eCover for Critical ThinkingI have no problem saying that this ebook rocks! Mostly because of why it rocks… because of their input, not mine! 180 pages of pure gold, nearly 500 in-depth responses to some of the most common questions by both site-owners and new SEOs… FREE, with proof of a small donation to the registered charity of your choice.

The idea behind Critical Thinking is not to teach anyone what to think or how to do things. It’s intended to teach people how to think critically, in order to make smarter decisions. And the contributors to the book came through in grand style!

There’s nearly three centuries of cumulative knowledge in this ebook, and we’re offering it free to the first 100 folks that donate to any registered charity. That’s a $27.97 value (for an ebook that would normally sell for around $40).

So be ready to jump in and get your copy early. You won’t be disappointed!