The Jake McCluskey Series


Dedushka paperbackDedushka is the tale of the editor of an obscure military technology magazine who is railroaded into service by the ipso facto kingmaker in the Russian government. The love/hate relationship that develops between Jake McCluskey and the Director of the FSB’s Third Directorate propels Jake to heights within the Kremlin to which he could never have imagined possible – and that his ruined career as a U.S. Naval officer could certainly never have enabled him to achieve.

First forced to assume command of a Russian cruiser under attack by the Chinese, Jake soon finds himself leading the Russian Federation’s Task Force One to the Mediterranean to take on both China and Iran. Going toe-to-toe with an enemy force nearly three times the size of his own, as well as dozens of enemy aircraft, proves to be just one of the challenges our protagonist will face in this first book of the series.

Intrigue, conflict, a kidnapping attempt, and romance make Jake’s new career a constant challenge, but he’s really put to the test when the Chinese appear ready to start World War Three.



Confrontation, the second book in the Jake McCluskey series, picks up the tale with the U.S. suddenly backing away from their Cooperative Treaty with Russia, ceasing all efforts to collaborate on a solution to the Chinese war posture. Jake finds himself aiding the American President in overcoming intrigue in the Pentagon, then taking point in a military effort to counter the Chinese efforts to control the Pacific. The confrontation results in a temporary solution, with tempers in Asia on edge, as Jake struggles to marshal Russia’s naval forces against a possible resurgence of hostilities.



Legacy is the third book in the series, beginning with the assassination of the Russian President. As large units of the Russian military suddenly disappear – taking with them a handful of nuclear devices – Jake and his friends in the government try to determine what the goal of the budding insurrection is, while they attempt to locate the nukes beneath the capitol before they can be detonated.