Just a Little Shameless Begging on Behalf of my Entry

Updated September 28, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Well, they’ve put up my first entry at BlogEngage’s Best of the Guest Bloggers Contest, and a second one is ready to go, as well. I’ll be doing a series, and whichever one scores the highest will end up being my entry. My first entry can be seen here, Doc Says: So You Want to be a Blogger?

Which brings me to what this post is all about; I want to ask you for your help.

They’ll be judging based upon the quality of the post, the quantity and quality of comments, my response to those comments, the amount of social media promotion of the post, and the on-site voting for the post.

Which is where you good folks will come in (I hope). If you’ll go read my post, vote on it, if you think it’s any good, and leave a comment (please… no “great post!”… a comment with some substance.), and then share the post around the social media. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, FriendFeed, Technorati, etc…. any and all, you’ll be helping me tremendously!

This is how these contests work, folks. We bloggers bare our souls, and then shamelessly beg all our online friends to pimp our posts for us. So I’ve left my shame on the shelf for the duration of the contest, in hopes of gaining your support.

I’d really appreciate any assistance you can give me on this, folks. Pass it on to your friends and neighbors, too, and we’ll make it a real party!


  1. Hey there. What’s up Doc?

    I’m a long time Blog Engage member and I noticed you added a couple of posts to the contest. I’m a little behind in reading them but I thought it made more sense to visit your blog and get to know you better first.

    Well so far so good and best wishes to your success in the Blog Engage Guest posting contest!

  2. Hello, Ileane, and welcome to the Clinic! I’ve only just joined BE, but I’ll definitely be hanging around after the contest ends.

    I look forward to seeing you around over there. And by all means, don’t be a stranger here!

    Thanks for the well wishes and the comment!