Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Updated March 27,2014

Doc Sheldon

It irks me to even think that this legal mumbo-jumbo is necessary, but since I can’t know who might read something here, and run off and try it, I guess it’s better to say it.

Anything you read here is an opinion. It’s generally going to be an educated opinion, and based upon experience, but it still pays to remember that different conditions can cause different results. If someone says, “I did THIS, and got to the #1 position in Goggle,” it should be obvious that it doesn’t mean that you’ll shoot to #1, too, if you do the same thing. For those of you that aren’t experts, it’d pay you to remember that. And even if you were, different experts would get different results.

When a guest-blogger or a commenter makes a statement here, it’s on them. I don’t edit comments or blog-posts, as a rule, and I don’t either verify or corroborate any statements made. If you disagree with something, feel free to bring it up, and we’ll discuss it. But don’t blame me for what someone else says. For that matter, don’t blame them, either… they’ve got as much right to their opinion as you do.

One last thing:

If you eat three Big Macs a day, I don’t expect to see a YouTube video blaming me for you weighin’ in at 400 lbs.


If I receive free goods or services for a review, I will specifically disclose that in the body of the review or in a footnote. In the absence of any such statement, you can rest assured that I received no consideration whatsoever for any opinions stated. I mean, get real…. who’s gonna PAY to hear my mad ramblings?

However, in line with the FTC’s recent guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials, this is a legal necessity. So I’m going on record now, to state that I have received no free or discounted services or products from any company or individual, in exchange for a review, endorsement or recommendation of their services or products, without specifically noting it in my review, endorsement or recommendation. I will always give my readers my honest opinion, so if you have a crappy product or service, I strongly suggest you not ask me to review it. 😉