New Partner Brings New Ideas to the Clinic

Updated November 18, 2011

Doc Sheldon

I want to share some news about the Clinic, that has me really excited.

I got off the line a little bit ago with a young lady that’s been doing some fantastic work for the Clinic for several months. She’s been my star writer for a while, in spite of being mom to a very active brood of youngsters. I called her with a very specific purpose in mind, which I suspect took her off-guard.

I felt like it was high time I let her know how much I valued her contribution to the Clinic, although the reality is, I probably should have done it some time ago. Well, I may be slow, but if you’ll wait for me, I’ll get there… eventually. Really.

A partnership is bornThe bottom line is, she has joined me as co-owner of Doc Sheldon’s Clinic (I think we should consider a new name for the business). I’m really excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up for both of us. She brings plenty to the table, so I’m sure this is going to open up new possibilities for the business.

Please join me in welcoming Lisa. Her contributions have been important to our client work for some time, and will now be evident here on our website and in the business in general, as well. She’s a very talented SEO copywriter, with a rapidly expanding command of content strategy. She also brings a good deal of marketing experience to the table, so I’m very happy to have her join the team!

And most importantly, she’s earned it!

Please visit Lisa’s profile page or her about me on one of her own sites to learn more about her, and join me in making her feel at home.


  1. Alan Bleiweiss says:

    Congratulations Doc! And Lisa!

  2. Thanks, Alan! Exciting on this end, as this opens a number of opportunities for us! There’s always a “next level”, right?

  3. Jey Pandian says:

    Yes. Congratulations! I look forward to many more long lasting partnerships together 🙂

  4. Hey Doc, Congratulation and I hope your relationship with Lisa will be long lasting. Looks like she is a very talented woman.

  5. Gabriella Sannino says:

    What’s a nice girl like you doing with a guy like Doc? 🙂 New ventures, are always exciting, and the potential is limitless…Congratulations!

  6. Good to hear. I was thrilled when Lisa told me Doc. And who do you have to thank for meeting her? Me. Yes, gotta toot my own horn. lol. I knew she would be a great asset to you and I am glad you have such great plans in the works, I know the two of you will do wonderful things together.

    Keep me posted so I can get the word out as well and do my part to help you grow. Lisa is an amazing woman and mom, and some days I too think I would be lost without her.

  7. You weren’t as thrilled as I was to get her on board, Mel! Yeah, I owe ya! 😉

  8. Thanks, Jey! You know what they say about teams…. “stronger than the sum of its parts”. 😉

  9. Thanks, Mohsin-

    Very talented, indeed! I’m sure it WILL be a long one!

  10. In here bustin’ my chops again, huh? Well, you’re going to have to double your efforts to keep up with Lisa… she’s ALWAYS bustin’ my chops!