Tweaking and Playing

Updated September 23, 2010

Doc Sheldon

A friend, who is MUCH more capable than I in coding, spent a couple of hours today, helping me tweak my site, close up security gaps, massage my robots.txt, and a few other things. Now I’m trying to iron out the last couple validation errors. Great fun!

I’ve also made a number of minor aesthetic changes, most of which should be hard to spot. In the process of dialing things in, we discovered what appeared to be some conflicts, and worked around some of them, and swapped a couple of plug-ins out for others that were compatible with all the other toys. [Read more…]

How Critical is Page Speed?

Updated September 22, 2010

Doc Sheldon

When Google announced a while back, that page speed was going to be a factor from now on, panic was born on blogs and forums all over the ‘net. Conjecture ran out of control (I’m surprised… I don’t recall seeing any “SEO is DEAD!” posts), as some of the SEO community – and by some, I mean most – scurried to optimize images, insert Java scripts, and compare their site’s speed to that of their competitors.

After a couple of weeks, some new shiny object caught folks’ eyes, and the furor calmed down a little. Many of the saltier SEOs kept their cool, as they’d seen such goings-on before, so they just sat back, chuckling, and watched the fun. [Read more…]

Increasing Web Traffic with Search Engine Optimization Consulting

Updated September 21, 2010

Doc Sheldon

In the competitive economy of the twenty-first century, businesses need to attract new consumers without exhausting their marketing budgets on inefficient techniques. Luckily, newly-emerging technologies help entrepreneurs find customers in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

In the mind of the modern consumer, the search engine is a more convenient and contemporary version of the telephone directory. [Read more…]

You’ve GOTTA be Kidding!

Updated September 20, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Granted, I haven’t been around the SEO world as long as many, but still, in a little over four years, I think I’ve managed to learn a little.

One of the first things I learned, is that the SEO community is just like the retail sales community (and wholesale too, for that matter), the engineering community, and the management consulting community. Hell, throw in most police departments, too, for good measure! There are some real losers out there, pretending to be experts in a field they know very little about. [Read more…]

Spread the Luv!

Updated September 20, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Someone asked me the other day, what the blue banner in the upper right corner of my blog meant by “NoFollow Free”. I explained it to them, and since they’re not what you might call “internet savvy”, they were more puzzled than before. So I explained about “link juice”, and how it establishes “pagerank”. At that point, she got a little twitch at the corner of one eye.

“So, you go out and find ways to attract all this “juice”, and then you turn around and throw it away?” [Read more…]