Best Practices For Hispanic Social Networking

Updated March 25, 2013

Doc Sheldon

A guest-post from Pete Wise, of Luminar, on reaching and engaging with the Hispanic community via social media.


Hispanic cultureThe Hispanic community has become a prominent force in today’s market and businesses everywhere are looking for new ways to connect and interact with Latinos. Furthermore, many businesses have already discovered that social media is a preferred and highly effective method of connecting with all sorts of customers – especially Hispanic customers.

This article will discuss a few of the best practices for engaging Hispanics through social media networks. Regardless of what business or industry you are in, you can use these tips to start targeting a demographic that is both passionate and loyal to companies they feel they can trust.

Start Conversations

It’s no secret that Hispanics are a social people. Socializing is part of their culture, their daily routines, and is at the core of many Latino traditions. No wonder Hispanics have found social media to be very beneficial, as it allows them to do more of what they love.

Businesses wishing to market to Hispanic communities should take advantage of social media to begin conversations that can help out both parties. Start discussions about their shopping preferences, how your business can help their families, their communities and their aspirations. In fact, talking with any demographic that you’re directly marketing to is a great idea. Hearing the opinions from the very people you’d like to bring in as customers can only lead to a business that caters better to the wants and needs of consumers.

On Twitter, you can use hashtags with Spanish words to start rounding up interested parties. On Facebook, you can use images to portray Hispanic ideals and cultural elements to get conversations started. However you decide to strike up discussions with Hispanic communities, you can only help your business by doing so.


While most popular social media websites are already mobile-friendly, your website and blog may not be. If not, if you’re planning on posting links to your latest blog posts, to your homepage or any other page on your website, you could be hurting your chances to market within the Hispanic community.

Statistics show that Hispanics are much more likely to connect to the Internet via smartphones. This means they’re looking for websites through a handheld device with a small screen, and most likely, on the go. For any businesses that haven’t optimized their websites for mobile browsing, mobile users will only find frustration and confusion on your website.

Start by designing a mobile version of your website. You can either create a responsive design or a separate version that appears when a device like a smartphone or tablet connects to it. Next, take a look at your content through the eyes of a smartphone user. Long form content might work great on desktops, but mobile users won’t want to sift through paragraphs of text to find the small piece of information they’re looking for. Simplify your text, put those most important pieces of information near the top of the page and outline anything else that might be vital.

Be Personal

Family values are extremely important to Hispanics. They rely on their families for emotional support, they respect each others’ opinions and they take great pride in celebrating one another. In order for your company to truly be accepted by Hispanic communities, you must treat them like family. And with social media at your side, doing so should be fairly easy.

Whether you’re composing a tweet or writing a status update, try to be personable in everything you put out there. Choosing a voice that’s laid back, supportive and informative will put Hispanic consumers more at ease, reminding them of their own families. Talk about your company’s culture, show off photos from holiday parties and speak to the importance of shopping locally. Emphasizing community, family and the support that emanates from within will allow Hispanic consumers to relate to your business on a more personal level that is sure to inspire trust, confidence and loyalty.

All businesses can benefit from the support of the Hispanic community. Now an important part of today’s market, catering to their cultural beliefs, moral values and family traditions will help you align your products and services with their wants, needs and goals.

With social media to help you, your business can utilize one of the most popular methods of modern communication to make your company’s presence known in Hispanic communities. By starting conversations with these very social people, making your website mobile-friendly and therefore easier from them to browse, as well as being personal in all social communications, you might find that Hispanics are trusting and patronizing your business more and more.

With a changing economic landscape, your business not only should encourage, but most likely needs, the Hispanic community to become a prominent customer. Through social media you can bridge the gap to make it not only possible, but preferable to do so.

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Pete Wise is a copywriter working for Luminar Insights, a source of Latino analytics and insights on the web. If you are looking for a reliable source of Hispanic data, go to their website to learn more. When I’m not writing articles, I’m posting to my LinkedIn page.


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