Professional Web Copywriting Can Make Your Business Stand Out

Updated June 10, 2012

Doc Sheldon

The tone used for web copywriting can make or break an article. There are several types of tones that can be used for written content and making the proper selection can greatly increase the amount of traffic.

When creating articles, the most effective voice is an active one, as it is informative, and is often easier to understand, owing to its simplicity. Simple writing is very important when it comes to creating web content, as using a simpler style for sentences conveys information quickly and can attract a reader’s interest.

Once a reader’s interest has been grabbed, he’ll often stay longer. A reader is also more likely to share interesting things he reads, making this is one of the best ways to increase traffic to any website.

How Heavy Promotional Voices Can Hurt A Business

Many businesses try to use web copywriting to sell their services. While this may seem to be the best idea, promotional copy can often harm traffic patterns for a business.

The reason for this is that readers simply don’t want to read sales pitches. If text is laden with heavy keywords and advertising, they’ll often leave the site. This tactic will generally also lead to less word-of-mouth promotion of the information.

An advertising tone can also decrease the credibility of the business or company. A reader wants to learn and understand why services or products work and an active voice can explain in simple terms how services can benefit them.

A writing style that uses a more conversational tone is often desired, as conversational writing flows more naturally to the average reader. This can make readers feel that they are reading informative content.

Be Professional While Remaining Approachable

A conversational tone can still be professional, while conveying a feeling of approachability. Quality writing can give a large audience an impression of approachability and should be considered one of the important goals when creating search engine optimized content.

It’s estimated that a reader will often leave within 15 seconds if his interest is not captured. Such a short time-frame makes an engaging headline an important feature of any article, as the quickest way to pique the reader’s interest.

Eye-catching headlines will encourage readers to stay longer and a strong first paragraph should be used to convince readers to continue. However, strong wording doesn’t mean heavy promotional text.

An approachable tone makes viewers feel that they are on equal ground with the author. This tone is often best for explaining products or services and can also make difficult concepts more easily understood.

Be Active And Creative To Get More Web Traffic

Creativity definitely matters when it comes to writing effective copy for a website. Interesting headlines and subheadings are a key part to providing the best articles. Think of headlines as billboards that draw attention to the article.

A good billboard gets attention but sub-par content can harm the credibility and reputation of a business. The body of the document should match the title and headings for best results. You should always provide relevant content that goes with its respective heading.

Creative and original articles can lead to increased traffic to the website. This includes the reasonable use of common keywords and key phrases which are often semantically related, helping to determine the copy’s relevance to a search query.

When keywords are used, they must be naturally worked into the text. These will prevent the article from seeming to be a promotional piece and is one of the most effective ways to make good web copywriting.



  1. Anton Koekemoer says:

    Yes – Most definitely. Professional, well written SEO content in the form of an article or a page for your website is one of the best decisions one can make when deciding on a marketing strategy. In my opinion; the amount of value such content can provide for your business can be worth outsourcing this to a specialized service consultant.

  2. Robin Jennings says:

    It’s suprising how many professional writers can’t seem to get the hang of writing for the web. Good post John

  3. Elena Anne says:

    Web copywriting is a rare skill. While there are a lot of writers out there, they are not necessarily good writers. It is important that we do not lose the skill of written word in the technology age. We must still hone the skill of writing. It is an essential part of communication.

  4. Tobi Baker says:

    I get tired of saying it because it is so ridiculously cheesy, but content really is king.

    Not only does it need to be well written but there needs to be some writing skill flare and originality. I don’t think the basic “10 ways to tie your shoes” articles really have that much time left !

  5. Gail Gardner says:

    Many companies would be much better off if they would take the advice offered in this post – especially those which are emulating corporate sites and write in corporate-speak = many big words that mean nothing.

    One small business has done that and even I can not decipher what it is that they have to offer. I contacted their social media manager and ASKED HIM, then recorded it in a note so I can look it up whenever I want to explain it to someone else. Not everyone has the advantage of being able to reach a real human to translate what you put on your Web site.

    I’m sure they believe their site is oh so impressive, but to me it screams “we think we’re better than you because we write like the big boys” – and if your customers can’t understand what you do they are NEVER going to buy from you.

  6. Ciara F. says:

    “The reason for this is that readers simply don’t want to read sales pitches.” In addition to your point here, I’d also like to add that coming across “similar or practically identical” promotional pages is also a turn-off. Well, for me it is 🙂

  7. Richard says:

    Hi John,

    I like your thinking about simple writing having more power over the readers attention, quite a few times I have searched a subject on Wikipedia and ended up seeking the same information elsewhere because Wikipedia’s explanation has been overly complex.

    I’ll need to look over my own site and simplify it, thanks.

  8. James Martin says:

    Authentic writing without sales pitch will surely suggest to your readers that you are a dignified writer. Practical ideas John! With the latest Penguin update now, Google is prioritizing quality over quantity. An informative piece will always keep readers glued to your write-ups.

  9. Derek J. Maak says:

    Hi John,

    I definitely think a conversational tone works great to connect with your audience. I know the blogs and articles I really get pulled into always have that kind of tone. It makes you feel like you’re part of the blog and like you’re talking with a friend. Definitely more inviting than feeling like you’re being sold to.

  10. Bill Orton says:

    I totally agree with, Anton. Well written SEO in the form of an article is the best when it comes to internet marketing.

  11. Dean Collins says:

    “Be professional while remaining approachable” – that’s one of the greatest phrase I have heard. Thank you for this amazing tips. Unique content makes your business stand out.


  12. gilbert says:

    Copyrighting has always been and always will be the key-basis for a good campaign. Keep up with great articles!

  13. BarryCrow says:

    Creativeness is one of the best technique when making your site stand out and be noticed to the community. People gets curious to check it out what’s inside and your website turns viral. With it, you’ll generate awesome traffic to your website.

  14. Holzprofi says:

    Copywriting is a field you should definitely invest some money in. You can have the greatest product in the world and a great site layout – if your text is poorly written, people will not take you seriously / deem you unprofessional and leave immediately.

  15. with Google now demanding quality over quantity its even more important to get your message across without doing the “salespitch”, i really believe that if you have a passion about something then your enthusiam will naturally shine through which people will be able to pick up on- even over a computer screen

  16. Mark @ Irish Gifts says:

    I agree with Dean above regarding the tone of the content. It is painful to read copy that sounds too official or cold. I know that I certainly have some work to do in this area. Getting involved more in social media is definitely helping my writing become a bit more casual which I think greatly helps to give a visitor more of a personal feel to our sites.

  17. Creating good quality content has always been important, but following recent search engine changes it is now more important than ever. Your suggestion of adopting a very personable writing style is good and should also help to ensure a good experience for the reader.

    But good content alone is barely enough and I agree that a robust social network strategy is vital. I am heavily involved in Twitter and Facebook and just recently joined Pinterest and although they all take time they allow the opportunity to build good mutually beneficial online relationships .

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge.

  18. Hi, Phil-

    Glad to hear from you. Also glad to hear that you’re diving into Pinterest. A friend of mine has been seeing fantastic traffic increases via Pinterest. So much so that he’s written a rather extensive guide on how to put it to good use. The best part of it is the price: Absolutely free!
    Check it out – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed: Improve Your Pinterest Marketing With My FREE Guide.

    Thanks for stopping by, Phil… hope to see you back soon.