RDFa is Coming of Age

Updated February 21, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Yahoo! research shows that RDFa usage during 2010 increased by a whopping 510%! It is the fastest growing markup format on the internet today, used on more than 430 million web pages.

Does that mean we all need to rush to our keyboards and implement RDFa or be left dying in the dust? Not hardly. But what it may mean is that RDFa is going to be in widespread usage sooner than some people thought.

Already, around 3.6% of all the web pages worldwide have implemented RDFa. So it is becoming increasingly likely that one of your competitors may get the jump on you, which could mean you’ll be eating their dust.

Personally, I don’t like playing catch-up. Rather, I get great pleasure in watching others try to catch up to me!

I think I’ll implement RDFa on my new site. But I want to take my time and set up a good test model before I take it live. So when are you going to take the plunge?


  1. business review says:

    Why throw in nomenclature about triples and predicates and flavors?.Compare that with the tutorials at where you see examples without all the distracting terminology..All you RDFa people are screaming at your computers now.

  2. “All you RDFa people”, Rafa? LOL Sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no screaming going on here.

    I suppose I’d throw in terms like triples and predicates because they’re important pieces of the puzzle. I gather you’re not an RDFa fan? 😉