Over 700 E-mails Harvested in Less than 5 Minutes!

Updated September 26, 2011

Doc Sheldon

I was chatting with Garrett French, of Citation Labs, the other day, and he mentioned a tool they recently developed that caught my interest. While it didn’t seem the sort of tool I’m likely to use myself, he made it sound interesting, and I decided to take a closer look.

The new Citation Labs Linkscape Prospecting for Linkbuilders tools are basically two tools in one. The first is an OBL scraper. You enter the URLs you want to run through the tool, and it finds all the outbound links from those URLS. That simple!

The second is the Contact Finder. It’s just as simple as the OBL scraper. You simply enter the OBL URLs you got from the scraper, and it comes back with a detailed listing of Contact|About information and emails for each of the URLs. Again, that simple! [Read more…]

Is TBPR a Cardboard Carrot?

Updated June 27, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Shaun Anderson’s Hobo-Web brought the news to my inbox this morning that Google had bestowed another Toolbar Pagerank update upon us. Thanks for that, Shaun… I can see we have to get up pretty early to beat you to anything.

Many of us realize that Toolbar PR (very aptly called Foolbar PR by some) is, at best, nearly useless, and at worst, well… worse than useless. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot more that genuflect every time they see that green bar.

It might represent a snapshot of what a site’s actual pagerank was, at some point in time – perhaps two or three months prior. There’s an even-money chance, however, that it was determined by a separate algorithm, based upon totally different criteria. Nobody outside the GooglePlex really knows, so I suggest taking it for what it’s worth.


So a person might ponder, ‘why even bother?’ Why show us something that is essentially meaningless?

[Read more…]

What Makes a Person an SEO?

Updated May 16, 2011

Doc Sheldon

I’d like to run a little crowd-sourcing exercise here, and would really appreciate all the input I can get.

What makes a person an SEO?

Many things have various definitions, depending upon who you ask. SEO is no different in this regard. Does it include only on-page and linkbuilding? Does it also involve social media? What about conversion rate optimization? Or maybe a little light coding?

Ask ten people and you’ll likely get ten slightly different answers. [Read more…]

Free SEO Company Directory is Growing

Updated March 30, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Earlier this month, Dean Cruddace and I launched the new SEO Company Directory, and it’s getting off to a good start. We have 43 new listings this week, representing the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Italy.

We’ve continued development of the site, so if you haven’t taken a look lately, be sure to stop by and check us out.

If you haven’t signed up yet, the only thing I can say is, why not? It’s free, it’s quick and easy and it promises to be effective. You’ve nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so come claim your free listing now! [Read more…]

Free SEO Company Directory Launched

Updated March 11, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Today, Dean Cruddace and I launched the new SEO Company Directory, aimed at providing a resource for site owners looking for reputable SEO firms, agencies and individuals to improve the rankings of their sites.

SCD Logo

The directory is built upon a WordPress CMS, with the Directory Press Theme, specifically designed for directories. It will use RDF technology to display the listings, and providers can be found by searching by location, specialty or company name. [Read more…]