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Updated March 8, 2011

Doc Sheldon

2010 brought a lot of changes to the Internet world, in terms of search, and 2011 is giving every indication of bringing even more. Local, social, mobile, personalized… all are taking on added importance, and those that work even on the fringes of SEO (search engine optimization) are as confused as ever about what signals are being most observed.

Theories, of course, abound, as always. Some are reasonable, and based on “testing” – and others are just brain-farts, in a knee-jerk effort to jump on the bandwagon. The trick, of course, is to sort out which is which. [Read more…]

What Does the Future Hold for Us?

Updated October 30, 2010

Doc Sheldon

This is another post from my other blog, Ramblings of a Madman, that fits better here, than there.


Search Engine Optimization has been around since the mid 1990s, and has gone through a lot of growing pains. Some were caused by the periodic shifts of priorities by the search engines, but most, I think, were our own fault, either individually or collectively.

Initially, the web was a virtual Dodge City… no law, no order, every man for himself. Looking back, for those of you that remember the Web-Ring days, it was all about links, and there were no “rules” to follow. Then, the Marshal came to town, in the form of the search engines. They couldn’t set actual rules, per se, but they could penalize those that didn’t follow their guidelines, by either degrading a site’s position in the results pages, or by eliminating it altogether. To some, it may have seemed like living in Langtree, Texas, during the reign of the famous “Law West of the Pecos”, Judge Roy Bean.

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SEO Turned on Its Ear, Revisited

Updated October 30, 2010

Doc Sheldon

This is an edited reprint of a post I made a couple of months ago on my other blog, Ramblings of a Madman. It seems to fit better here.


Othello and Iago

Iago, whispering to Othello, “SEO is dead!”

Since the first search engine began to provide results for our on-line queries, there have been extensive efforts made to divine exactly how they determined what results to display, and in what order. Usually, someone who was thought to possess some golden information would utter a statement, and like lemmings, millions of wannabe SEOs would hoist their banners, and follow them… anywhere. [Read more…]

How Critical is Page Speed?

Updated September 22, 2010

Doc Sheldon

When Google announced a while back, that page speed was going to be a factor from now on, panic was born on blogs and forums all over the ‘net. Conjecture ran out of control (I’m surprised… I don’t recall seeing any “SEO is DEAD!” posts), as some of the SEO community – and by some, I mean most – scurried to optimize images, insert Java scripts, and compare their site’s speed to that of their competitors.

After a couple of weeks, some new shiny object caught folks’ eyes, and the furor calmed down a little. Many of the saltier SEOs kept their cool, as they’d seen such goings-on before, so they just sat back, chuckling, and watched the fun. [Read more…]

Increasing Web Traffic with Search Engine Optimization Consulting

Updated September 21, 2010

Doc Sheldon

In the competitive economy of the twenty-first century, businesses need to attract new consumers without exhausting their marketing budgets on inefficient techniques. Luckily, newly-emerging technologies help entrepreneurs find customers in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

In the mind of the modern consumer, the search engine is a more convenient and contemporary version of the telephone directory. [Read more…]