BlogEngage Blogging Contest Update

Updated October 9, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Further updated to add #6 to the series.

Just an update. My series in the BlogEngage blogging contest now has the following five entries up. There are more parts in the series to come, as well, over the next week or so.

I’d really appreciate your comments, and a little social lovin’. Kristi Hines (kikolani) is kickin’ my butt over there!  😉

  1. Doc Says: So You Want to be a Blogger?
  2. Doc Says: How to Build an Active Reader Base
  3. Doc Says: How to Handle Trolls and Spammers
  4. Doc Says: Boosting Traffic to Your Blog
  5. Doc Says: Crafting an Effective Title for Your Blog Post

To make the voting easy, you can go here.

Just a Little Shameless Begging on Behalf of my Entry

Updated September 28, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Well, they’ve put up my first entry at BlogEngage’s Best of the Guest Bloggers Contest, and a second one is ready to go, as well. I’ll be doing a series, and whichever one scores the highest will end up being my entry. My first entry can be seen here, Doc Says: So You Want to be a Blogger? [Read more…]

Blog Engage Guest Blogging Contest – I.Must.Win.

Updated September 24, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Blog Engage is hosting a Best of the Guest Bloggers Contest on their community blog. I’ve decided to enter and see if I can walk away with some of their great prizes. Not that I’d turn down some of the cash. 😉

Brian’s sponsors have already ponied up over $1,000 in cash, as well as some very respectable non-cash prizes, so I suspect the competition is going to be pretty stiff. Before I start thinking about where to spend my winnings, though, I suppose I’d best be giving thought to what my guest post topic will be. [Read more…]