Pssst …. Wanna Know What Writers Really Think?

Updated December 11, 2011

Doc Sheldon

writers talkWhen I was younger, my sister and I had the babysitting market cornered in our little town. Supply and demand. There were two of us and tons of them; each week we had our pick. I am a bit embarrassed to say that we actually had a rating system.

1)   Pay Rate: Let’s face it, money talks whether you are 13 or 53.

2)   Kids: No brats, enough said. There was one couple with a really obnoxious son and a python. The python got loose on my watch and those parents never saw the inside of another restaurant or movie theatre again!  [Read more…]

I’ll be Darned! This Thing IS on!

Updated November 30, 2011

Doc Sheldon

We’ve all seen instances where large corporate entities seem to ignore or dismiss the complaints or suggestions of their users. Naturally, the more justified we feel our position is, the more difficult it is to accept dismissal. And unfortunately, dismissal or meaningless lip service are so commonplace these days, that it’s often the response we most expect.

Such trends create opportunities for those companies that are prepared to put their customers first on their list of priorities. Perhaps the scarcity of top-notch quality service is what makes it stand out  when encountered. [Read more…]

G+ Team Pulling Out all the Stops

Updated July 5, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Most of the SEO/SEM blogs are buzzing over Google+, and at least one reason is the exemplary effort to take the users’ comments and suggestions to heart.

Several members of the Google+ team have posted detailed responses to the most often-sought changes, and seem to be wasting no time in implementing them. That alone puts G+ head & shoulders above Facebook and Twitter, in the customer service arena.

It’s been noted in a number of threads that at this point, the majority of the open beta users are somewhat “geeky”. In other words, we’re testing, evaluating and generally putting things through the paces. As a result, the general atmosphere is more collaborative than what will be found at Facebook or Twitter.

[Read more…]