What I’ve Learned about SEO and SEOs

Updated December 22, 2010

Doc Sheldon

I started hanging out on an IT forum back in 2003. Initially, I was looking for a solution to a software problem I had, and the assistance I needed was immediately offered. I found the folks there to be generous with their knowledge, so I stuck around to learn more. That’s where I first heard about this thing called SEO.

The notion of being able to enhance my site’s visibility to the search engines intrigued me, so I started hanging around a couple of SEO and Webmaster forums as well. There, I soon built a list of blogs that I should follow… whenever a name came up more than two or three times, I added them to my reading list. Before long, I was reading posts by Aaron Wall, Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts, Dave Harry, Bruce Clay, Rand Fishkin… and many others. [Read more…]