Another One Bites the Dust? I Don’t Think So!

Updated November 29, 2011

Doc Sheldon

It seems there’s always a queue formed in the wings, ready to pounce on any opportunity to ring a death knell on something!

The latest “death” reported is Google+.

Both Forbes (in August) and Slate (earlier this month) each made their respective declarations that Google+ was dead or dying.

I’m certainly in the camp that says that Google is dragging their feet in rolling out all the nuances of G+. But dead? I think not. They apparently have a plan, and as is the case with much that goes on in the ‘Plex, we don’t know what’s to come or why they’re taking their time. [Read more…]

Video Chat? Really? That’s the Best your Team Could Come up With, Mark?

Updated July 6, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Mark Zuckerberg made his big announcement today, about Facebook’s new video chat feature.


Exciting? NOT!

That’s all, folks. Show’s over! Nothing to see here.

All in all, I think most folks were thoroughly underwhelmed. Frankly, I found the first part of his presentation more interesting, where he explained some of the thought process that goes into an analysis, to decide where R&D efforts should be focused. That was nothing new either, but at least it didn’t make me sleepy.

Partnering with Skype doesn’t rock anyone’s world, I don’t think, and frankly, even if FB had developed their own video chat platform, they’d still be several years behind the curve.

Facebook has grown its membership base, it’s true. Mark even spoke wishfully of perhaps reaching a billion users some day. But let’s face it, their user base grew for a few very basic reasons:

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G+ Team Pulling Out all the Stops

Updated July 5, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Most of the SEO/SEM blogs are buzzing over Google+, and at least one reason is the exemplary effort to take the users’ comments and suggestions to heart.

Several members of the Google+ team have posted detailed responses to the most often-sought changes, and seem to be wasting no time in implementing them. That alone puts G+ head & shoulders above Facebook and Twitter, in the customer service arena.

It’s been noted in a number of threads that at this point, the majority of the open beta users are somewhat “geeky”. In other words, we’re testing, evaluating and generally putting things through the paces. As a result, the general atmosphere is more collaborative than what will be found at Facebook or Twitter.

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Is Monetization of Google+ Coming, or is this just a gService Hub?

Updated July 3, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Google+ LogoLike many, I’ve spent a LOT of my time the last few days, familiarizing myself with Google+, building my circles, and digesting the comments and impressions of others on Google’s latest foray into the Social Web. Let me go on record as saying that I’m favorably impressed and hopeful that this effort will be hugely successful.

I won’t even get into all the conjecture flying around about G+ being the Great Facebook Killer. If that’s the sort of thing you want to read, you’ll find no shortage of treatment of the topic on other blogs.

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Google+ Debuts with a Splash – in a Good Way

Updated June 30, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Normally, I hesitate to write about new services or products right away. There are a number of blogs that are better known than the Clinic that normally address such things, so I like to wait until the dust settles to offer my two cents worth… if I can think of anything worthwhile to add.

Once in a while, though, I’ll be sufficiently impressed (or disgusted) that I just can’t contain myself. While I wouldn’t call the experience orgasmic, Google+ has been a pleasant surprise.

I’m not a Google-basher, but let’s face it… their track record on building and sustaining new models isn’t exactly stellar. My Dojo-mate, Tony Verre, mentions the shit stick method, which I think is a pretty fair depiction, even with the disturbing mental image it evokes.

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