RDFa is Coming of Age

Updated February 21, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Yahoo! research shows that RDFa usage during 2010 increased by a whopping 510%! It is the fastest growing markup format on the internet today, used on more than 430 million web pages.

Does that mean we all need to rush to our keyboards and implement RDFa or be left dying in the dust? Not hardly. But what it may mean is that RDFa is going to be in widespread usage sooner than some people thought. [Read more…]

Some Observations on 2010

Updated December 18, 2010

Doc Sheldon

2010 has been a year of a lot of changes in the search world. Nothing new there… if there’s one constant in the SEO world, it’s change.

Yahoo took refuge under Bing’s wing, Google unleashed a number of new search features and tools. And of course, SEO “died” many times, according to a number of bloggers.

Predictions of things to come have been made (including a couple here and here), and it’s been both challenging and entertaining to monitor the changes and try to figure out what the search engines will do next.

Social media have taken on an expanded role in search, one which is still surrounded by a cloud of mystery (even more than usual). HTML5 emerged, and RDFa and microformats are gathering more momentum.

Discussions are popping up on many fronts, with a good deal of conjecture about the future of PageRank as a metric… or more accurately, if PageRank will continue to exist.  New search engines Blekko and RockMelt appeared, just before the announcement that Yahoo was sunsetting Altavista and Alltheweb. [Read more…]

Tweaking and Playing

Updated September 23, 2010

Doc Sheldon

A friend, who is MUCH more capable than I in coding, spent a couple of hours today, helping me tweak my site, close up security gaps, massage my robots.txt, and a few other things. Now I’m trying to iron out the last couple validation errors. Great fun!

I’ve also made a number of minor aesthetic changes, most of which should be hard to spot. In the process of dialing things in, we discovered what appeared to be some conflicts, and worked around some of them, and swapped a couple of plug-ins out for others that were compatible with all the other toys. [Read more…]

So What’s SXO, Anyway?

Updated September 6, 2010

Doc Sheldon

In between playing around with plugins and widgets, I’m going to take a break and write a post.

I said on my About page that I’d go into a little more detail about SXO – search experience optimization, so now seems like as good a time as any. SXO isn’t anything new, as I’m sure some of you are already saying. What it is, is a change of perspective… a new mindset. Most SEOs have focused on only [Read more…]