Third Volume Added, as Well as a Discounted Trilogy Set

Updated September 11, 2011

Doc Sheldon

Last night, I wrapped up my most recent e-book and uploaded it to my shop. #3 in the Livin’ Large series, Livin’ Large – Any Regrets? isn’t business or SEO related… just a little more light reading for those that enjoy some fun. Or maybe shaking their head in amazement at some really crazy stunts.

Livin' Large - Any Regrets? ecover

And Any Regrets? marks my fifth e-book in just under a month! I’ve about ruined this keyboard for anyone that doesn’t touch-type. Dell really ought to use a more durable printing process!

The Livin’ Large series is best read in sequence, I think, but it’s not essential. And I’ve had two people ask me if there’s any sort of discount available for them if they buy all three. A reasonable question, and the answer is yes.

Livin' Large Trilogy ecoverIf you’re interested in the package of all three, look for the Livin’ Large Trilogy on my Amazon page.