Updated March 20, 2014

Doc Sheldon

WordPress 101

Here’s a nice beginner’s level tutorial for WordPress, compiled by Mark Bell of BloggersJournal. While it doesn’t cover every question that may come up, it’s a great starter guide, that’ll help get you up and posting in a hurry.

Wordpress 101 Tutorial

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I’ll be posting more advanced tutorials here, as they become available.


Text-wrapping around images

Here’s a handy one, describing a couple of different methods of text-wrapping around images in your posts or pages.  http://docsheldon.com/two-ways-to-text-wrap-images-in-wordpress


Linking to specific point on a page

And here’s a tutorial on how to link to a specific point on a page, either from another point on the same page, or from another page altogether: http://docsheldon.com/linking-to-a-specific-point-on-a-page


For some top-notch tutorials at very affordable prices, visit LessonGroup, a joint venture between William Cross, Steve Gerencser, Donna Fontenot and myself. In fact, if you build tutorials, you can submit them there, as well, and we’ll sell them for you!

And check back here in early December… we’re getting ready to launch our Droidoo network. It’s going to blow you away! 😉