Tweaking and Playing

Updated September 23, 2010

Doc Sheldon

A friend, who is MUCH more capable than I in coding, spent a couple of hours today, helping me tweak my site, close up security gaps, massage my robots.txt, and a few other things. Now I’m trying to iron out the last couple validation errors. Great fun!

I’ve also made a number of minor aesthetic changes, most of which should be hard to spot. In the process of dialing things in, we discovered what appeared to be some conflicts, and worked around some of them, and swapped a couple of plug-ins out for others that were compatible with all the other toys.

My buddy isn’t real impressed with WordPress, although to be fair, I think his frustration was more centered around the coding in some of the plug-ins, than the platform itself. From my standpoint, however, it’s been golden, as it makes it a lot easier for someone that can read some php, but still can’t write much.

One change I had to make, in the interest of cleaning up some validation errors, was ditching Display Widgets, and replacing it with Widget Logic. That meant I had to learn to write conditional tags, but that proved not to be a big deal at all… probably a five minute exercise.

All in all, I’m still happy recommending WordPress for those folks that have a pretty good idea of what their site should include, configuration-wise, but aren’t exactly sure how to do it all. It’s not idiot-proof (or my buddy wouldn’t have been tied up for a couple of hours, after I played around with it), but it’s fairly intuitive.

Once I get the XHTML to validate, my next goal will be to get it RDFa compliant, but it looks as though my biggest problem with that will be that every time WP updates, compliance becomes a thing of the past, and has to be done all over again.

Job security, I suppose.

If only I was getting paid for this. 😉