We’ve Reorganized

Updated August 7, 2013

Doc Sheldon

A couple of years after I “retired”, I set up Doc Sheldon’s Clinic, originally intending it to market my SEO copywriting services. That was about three years ago, and it grew nicely, eventually expanding to include content strategy services, with all that entails.

In 2011, Lisa joined me as a partner and shortly thereafter, we decided to found Top Shelf Copy together, the idea at the time being that Top Shelf would become the content arm of the Clinic and all SEO related services would remain here.

Unfortunately for me, Lisa’s burgeoning family and her own business goals reminded her that she needed to have a life beyond the 100+ hours per week that our efforts demanded, and I soon found myself alone again. That meant even less time for me to think about getting organized with the workflow (who am I kidding? I’m a world-class procrastinator).

My own realization (that a life is a good thing to have) came recently, when I got tired of constantly scrambling to keep up, just because I was disorganized. So, I decided to do something about it.

I registered a new domain, built a new custom site (responsive, of course) and built out Intrinsic Value SEO, as the second division of the Clinic. IVSEO, as the name implies, will handle all our SEO related activities, from site audits to PPC, including website development.

Content strategy, copywriting, blog management and social media will remain at Top Shelf, while I intend to turn the Clinic more toward just tools, tips and tutorials.

So, I invite you to visit Intrinsic Value and toast our future. Oh, and it’s BYOB.