We’re More than just Content Strategists

Updated December 21,2014

Doc Sheldon

Doc Sheldon’s Clinic started out as home for our copywriting business, but after a couple of years, it was expanded to include the much broader task of building comprehensive content strategies for our clients. Shortly thereafter, in order to better focus our branding, we launched Top Shelf Copy to host the content side of the business.

After we began our SEO consulting operation, it made sense to spin that off separately, so we launched Intrinsic Value SEO. From that point, the Clinic became just the hub, parent to the two divisions. We occasionally blogged here, but to be honest, for the most part, it was neglected.

Now that Top Shelf and IVSEO are thriving on their own, it’s time to breathe some life back into the Clinic and populate it with some handy tools, tips, tutorials and other items of use. So bear with us… we’ll be at this task for a while.