…With a Little Help from my Friends

Updated December 26, 2010

Doc Sheldon

I spent about two and a half hours this morning, chatting on Skype with a fellow Dojo-mate, about geo-targeting and local. He’s not an SEO, just a businessman that had the foresight to see the value in this half a decade ago. By experimenting, reading and collaborating with some other like-minded folks, he’s managed to lock up several of the top slots in his SERPs.

When guys like that offer to share their wisdom, I listen! Attentively!

Especially because I’ve been struggling a bit with the whole geo-targeted and local game. It’s still new to me, and to a certain extent, to the search engines, too. I suspect we’ll all be seeing a lot of adjustments as they dial in their algorithms and react to the inevitable games that some people will be trying to play on the system.

So, since I only have one client that really needs to address the geo aspect, and they’ve been dragging their feet, I’ve been taking my time to learn what I can about what does and doesn’t work, to avoid any false starts.

Today’s chat put me well along the learning curve, though. So thanks to my mate for his time and selfless sharing. I’ll have to find a way to make it up to him somehow.

Which kind of touches on my last post… it’s always refreshing to run across people that are quick to offer their perspective (and techniques) when they don’t stand to gain anything for it. That’s certainly not unique to the SEO community, but it does seem to be more prevalent than in other fields in which I’ve worked.

Another SEO, whose opinion I value on most things SEO, recently made the statement that the guy I was chatting with knows more about SEO than most self-proclaimed SEOs, particulary in the geo-targeting realm. I gotta say, he was spot on with that statement.

So… are you one that is “waiting to see” before jumping into the pool, or are you already getting your feet wet with geo and local? Don’t wait too long, if you aren’t already doing something with it – I think all the predictions about 2011 being the year of mobile and local are dead right.

Please use the sadly-neglected comment box to share your two cents worth on the topic. Do you think it’s just a flash in the pan? The biggest thing for 2011? Not worth the effort?


  1. Paul Novak says:

    Have to admit, the box really is sadly neglected Doc;)

    I’ve barely dipped a toe into local, but then again my niche’ would starve with that target.

    I do have a question for you though, albeit unrelated.

    Any info on Google’s much delayed PR updates?

  2. DocSheldon says:

    Hi, Paul. I can’t say I’ve really got any concrete info, no. (Does anyone?) I’m seeing a lot of folks conjecturing on it. Traditionally, Google has rolled out a TBPR update right around New Year’s Day, but whether that’ll happen this year or not is anyone’s guess. Personally, I expect it to just slowly fade into oblivion, but that’s conjecture, too. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by and giving the box some badly needed exercise.

  3. Michelle Stinson Ross says:

    Geo-centric social is an amazing thing with a great deal of potential, in my humble opinion. Take a look at it through the eyes of the travel industry for a moment and the light bulbs will really start clicking on.

    For business and leisure travelers alike, tools like Foursquare and SCVNGR are an amazing way to discover some place new. Even though the GPS device in the car can make recommendations when you know what you want, it won’t volunteer to let you know there’s a fantastic museum just around the corner from the Italian restaurant you looked up. That little list of nearby places that “games” like Foursquare give you is an amazingly powerful tool.

  4. DocSheldon says:

    I agree completely, Michelle! I think the months to come are going to open a lot of new doors for us in both geo and social. Like you say, travel is a good example.
    I don’t really use FourSquare, so I can’t say, but from the comments I’ve seen, it seems to be pretty handy in terms of local stuff.

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and ringing in, Michelle. Loved your post at Search Marketing Wisdom, BTW.