You’ve GOTTA be Kidding!

Updated September 20, 2010

Doc Sheldon

Granted, I haven’t been around the SEO world as long as many, but still, in a little over four years, I think I’ve managed to learn a little.

One of the first things I learned, is that the SEO community is just like the retail sales community (and wholesale too, for that matter), the engineering community, and the management consulting community. Hell, throw in most police departments, too, for good measure! There are some real losers out there, pretending to be experts in a field they know very little about.

Big news, right?snake oil bottle

While hangin’ out for a bit this morning at the Dojo, I was doing some aimless clicking, and came across a website that offers a service that I thought had disappeared a long time ago.

These clowns (yep… that’s a nofollow!) will set up a mirror of your site, and conduct their SEO campaign, and redirect the traffic they achieve, from that mirror site to your site.

Now, this isn’t a new concept. On the contrary, it’s been around for quite a while. But then, some folks used to plaster their white background with white text, too. Longevity does NOT imply right.

Of course, cloaked text was just shady and deceptive, while this method has all the potential for blackmail you could ask for. We can assume, I’m sure, that they have nothing but the most honorable of intentions.

If you’re into assuming, that is. I think “Run away, don’t walk” works better for me.

Imagine paying this firm X dollars for several months, to get you to the top ten in the SERPs. Presumably, your traffic will increase in the process. Then, for whatever reason, you decide to discontinue their service. No problem, you stop paying, and they turn off their mirror site. Or maybe just the redirects, and then sell it to your competitors, traffic and all.

Might you reconsider canceling their service under those conditions? Besides the fact that I see something like this as a just plain shitty setup, I think there’s just far too much potential for abuse, for it to be an acceptable gamble for any business.

Anyone dumb enough to fall for it, you might say, will get what they deserve. But remember, SEO is an unknown science/art to many site owners, so it’s inevitable that some would fall into this sort of trap. At that point, they’re at the mercy of the SEO firm and whatever integrity they might have brought to the game.


Then someone pointed me to another winner. These folks, (yep… another nofollow) according to today’s post, are hawking “the newest trend in SEO link building”. Wow! I knew if I stuck around long enough, I’d see something new and important pop up!

Wait! What’s this? A LINKWHEEL? This is their “newest trend”?

I think somebody over at WebSqueeze needs to get out a little more. Link networks, by whatever name you care to call them, have been around, in the words of a buddy of mine, since the day Google announced that links matter!

Actually, I think since the lads that founded the Big G were in junior high school.

These cutting-edge tycoons even had the audacity to mention Shoemoney on their site. I wonder if Jeremy is aware? I think he’s normally a little more up-to-date than those guys. Since they’re touting something that’s been around since the last friggin’ millenium, as “the newest trend”, I sure don’t think I’d want MY name associated with ’em!

Talk about yer snakeoil peddlers! These two really deserve a sign!


  1. I hear that next year they will be coming out with Link Directories and they are currently doing R&D work on Link Wheels..

  2. I’d heard that, too. Coming so close on the heels of the new Word Targeting Funnel directives, I have to wonder if they’re related.

  3. Howdy there Doc. Nice site.

    Writing web content for a living I had to dive into SEO head first. Even at my most noobish the first things I learned are basically worthless are what these guys are selling.

    Guess as long as someone will buy eh?

  4. Thanks for stopping by, and dipping your oar in the water, Paul! Yeah, sadly, there’s no shortage of folks that don’t know enough to protect themselves against that kind of crap-hat practice. Don’t be a stranger!
    Nice blog you have, by the way. I like your style! 😉

  5. Thanks Doc. Likewise.